You Sweat...
We Pay!®

There is no silver bullet! Change occurs over time, step by step, which is why KrowdFit is designed to reward the consistent EFFORT our members make to engage in healthy activities related to sleep, diet and exercise.

KrowdFit is available for ADP Workforce Now® clients

The integration is designed to help ADP clients quickly launch a proven and highly engaging wellness incentive program with just a few clicks.

Love your employees

It all comes down to people. If a company shows love to its people, they will run through walls for you. KrowdFit is a low cost, high impact, employee benefit that any company can leverage to reward the effort its employees’ make with healthy lifestyle choices!

Cash Awarded to Date:

Changing Behavior Step by Step

We didn't just make this up

KrowdFit’s innovative wellness incentive program and behavior modification methodology is based on proven science by JAMA and the Mayo Clinic along with decades of experience in behavior modification, worksite wellness, incentive program design, nutrition and obesity management from our leadership and advisors.

Create a habit

Through the use of Operant Conditioning we reinforce and reward small, achievable goals that lead to long-term behavioral change.

Develop daily routine

We encourage and reward daily activities, such as sleep, steps, food logging and physical activity.

Make it fun & social

64% of participants in a wellness program push themselves harder if they work out with others.

Offer rewards

We reward our members “Winners Effect” with cash every Monday up to $5,000/ea. and let them decide how to spend it, donate it or save it.

Breathe new life into your wellness program

Let’s face it, wellness programs get stale, so why not add KrowdFit to boost enthusiasm and increase employee morale? KrowdFit is a proven wellness rewards program that focuses on rewarding the effort our members make to live a healthy, active lifestyle and drives super high employee engagement.

KrowdFit has driven a 72% sustained engagement rate for 97% of our active member population for the past 3+ years.

Improved Sleep
Increased Steps
Improved Diet
Increased Activity

BringIT® Challenges
Game On!®


KrowdFit’s skill based, self-improvement wellness challenge platform, BringIt, allows employers, brand partners, and individuals the ability to engage their employees, customers, followers, friends, family, colleagues and clients in fitness activities. Place a wager or sponsor a challenge and compete for a winner-takes-all or a share of the cash prize! 

Our members love getting paid... in cash!

We’ve been rewarding our members for living healthy active lifestyles for over five years.

Not only has it been an awesome way to help people make smart, healthy choices, it’s also a great way to have a positive financial impact on their lives!

Our partners are innovators of industry

By partnering with leading companies in our industry we are able to offer our members a more comprehensive wellness solution.

  • WageWorks Wellness powered by KrowdFit allows employees to leverage their efforts to live healthy to earn cash contributions to their WageWorks CDH – HSA accounts.

  • Now employers with RUN Powered by ADP and ADP Workforce can motivate their employees to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and stay engaged with the KrowdFit Wellness Rewards program.

  • KrowdFit is a Café Well Connect Partner – providing seamless access to KrowdFit to amplify employees Café Well experience.

  • KrowdFit & Discovery Benefits have teamed up to deliver KrowdFit to DBI customers.

    Discovery Benefits
  • KrowdFit is accessible via Empyrean’s Hi-Touch, SaaS benefits administration and enrollment platform to deliver year-round employee engagement.

  • KrowdFit partners with Premera to deliver our employee wellness rewards platform to Premera's members.


We are KrowdFit!

The KrowdFit leadership team is dedicated to a new vision of engaging employees and incentivizing employee wellness. We believe in empowering our members with meaningful, unlimited, “Krowd Funded” cash rewards for consistently engaging in and modeling a healthily, active lifestyle.

Our Mission: Encourage, recognize and reward healthy, active lifestyles knowing if members consistently put for the effort, the results will follow.

Just a few innovative companies that have joined the KROWD