Game On!

We are excited to introduce our NEW wellness challenge platform BringItTM which will allow employers, brand partners and individuals the ability to engage their employees, customers, followers, friends, family, colleagues and clients in fitness activities, place a wager or sponsor a Pot and compete for a winner takes all or share of the Pot cash prize!

The BringIt platform is a skill based engagement and challenge tool designed to enhance our corporate & consumer wellness program. BringIt challenges can be structured as a Winner Takes All or Share of the Pot payout. KrowdFit collects the money, manages the challenge leader board and then distributes the cash to the winner(s)!

How it Works

  • Fund the Pot - e.g. $600.00
  • Set Duration - 10 days
  • Set Activity - Steps
  • Set Hurdle - 100,000 steps
  • Set Payout - Top 3 split the Pot

Read more about it in the rules

Join - Compete - Win!

Ok, Let's do this!