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Skill based wellness challenges

BringIt is our “skill based” wellness challenge platform that allows employers, brand partners and individuals the ability to engage their employees, customers, followers, friends, family, colleagues and clients in self-improvement fitness challenges.  You can place a wager or sponsor a challenge to compete for a winner takes all or share of the cash prize!

The BringIt platform is designed to engage, challenge and enhance your employees KrowdFit experience.  BringIt challenges can set to automatically launch throughout the year to amplify employee engagement and create multiple winning opportunities. KrowdFit collects the money, handles all tax reporting, manages the challenge leader board and then distributes the cash to the winner(s). It’s that easy!
KREW BringIt Challenges

KREW Kaptains can create as many BringIt challenges as they wish to engage and reward their KREW. Simply sponsor a challenge and invite your KREW Members to join to create a little healthy competition within your KREW.

Sponsored BringIt Challenges

Brands can sponsor a BringIt and then socially promote that challenge to their customers/followers allowing their Brand to emphasize the importance of health and fitness, increase loyalty, brand evangelism and promote some healthy competition.

Individual Challenges

KrowdFit Members can use our BringIt platform to issue challenges ranging between $10-$1,000 per entrant to their friends, family, colleagues and clients and challenge them to achieve a fitness goal.

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