If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

KrowdFit cash rewards amplify your wellness journey

KrowdFit provides an all-inclusive wellness engagement platform focused on rewarding the effort members make to consistently engage in living a healthy, active lifestyle with weekly cash rewards up to $5,000 per person.

KrowdFit is the only cash-back wellness incentive program to pay out weekly cash rewards, from our unlimited cash rewards pool. The rewards pool increases as new members join allowing us to pay out to more and more people every week!

Everything you need in an app.

Being active means being mobile. KrowdFit provides a unified app experience across all browsers on all devices. You can choose to experience your KrowdFit App as a website or install the app for a familiar mobile experince.  

Through the use of our KrowdFit Connector app we offer a complete device free integration option. As long as you have a smartphone you can take advantage of KrowdFit for the active lifestyle you are already living.
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Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly cash giveaways

There is no limit to how much members can win! Members can win all of KrowdFit’s rewards over and over again, they just can’t win the same reward in back to back periods. So, even after you’ve achieved your fitness goal you can simply maintain your healthy, active lifestyle and keep on winning cash rewards from KrowdFit!

$1,500 Meals Giveaway

Every week we randomly choose (12 Winners) to split a $1,500 Cash Prize $125/ea. Earn (1) Entry per meal logged. Total of 5 Entries per day.

$2,000 Sleep Giveaway

Every month we randomly choose (8 Winners) to split a $2,000 Cash Prize $250/ea. Earn (1) Entry per 6hrs sleep + (1) Entry per 7hrs sleep + (1) Entry 8hrs sleep. Total of (3) Entries per day for 8hrs of sleep.

$5,000 Steps Giveaway

Every quarter we randomly choose (2 winners) split a $5,000 Prize, $2,500/ea. Earn (1) Entry per day for every 5,000. Earn (4) Entries/day for 20,000 steps.

$20,000 Activity Giveaway

Every quarter we randomly choose (4) Winners split $20,000 Prize, $5,000/ea. Earn (1) Entry for 30 min. of activity. Earn (4) Entries/day for 2hrs of activity.

We work with the most popular devices and apps 

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