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Welcome to KrowdFit

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There is no silver bullet, change occurs over time, step by step which is why we built KrowdFit to reward the “EFFORT” our members make to consistently engage in healthy activities related to Sleep, Diet and Exercise.  We are not rewarding the person who loses the most weight, nor are we rewarding the fittest person.  We believe if you reward the effort the results will follow!


Why Reward Employee Wellness

High performing companies do 40% better than their peers

Makes sense, right? Sort of like building a sports team, if you train hard and practice hard you'll be highly competitive. If you're team is out of shape, it's kind of hard to compete, right?

Family involvement key dependents = 30% of healthcare costs

You've got to include the whole family. KrowdFit is open to 13yr or older.

Unengaged employees are 56% more absent

That's a huge productivity loss! Simply increasing an employee's health and reducing absenteeism will improve your productivity, let alone the long-term effect of reducing health care costs.

Sleep disorders are the #1 issue that effect productivity

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, which is why we reward sleep and encourage our members to actively track their sleep to identify sleep patterns that may put them at risk for Sleep Apnea, etc.