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From getting your workforce excited about the wellness programs, to keeping them involved over time by creating engaging, meaningful programs, rather than relying solely on cute games, short-term weight loss challenges or superficial social-network escapes.  We engage the whole company because after all wellness starts at the top!

To have a measurable impact on health and well-being — and boost the bottom line — you need to sustain engagement for years.  Sustained engagement in wellness programs lowers healthcare costs — or at least reduces their rate of increase — freeing up budget dollars to be used elsewhere. KrowdFit has proven sustainted engagement rates of 71% over 24+ months.

"70% of employees are disengaged at work driving productivity losses of $550 billion annually." Gallup



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Why Reward Employee Wellness

High performing companies do 40% better than their peers

Makes sense, right? Sort of like building a sports team, if you train hard and practice hard you'll be highly competitive. If you're team is out of shape, it's kind of hard to compete, right?

Family involvement key dependents = 30% of healthcare costs

You've got to include the whole family. KrowdFit is open to 13yr or older.

Unengaged employees are 56% more absent

That's a huge productivity loss! Simply increasing an employee's health and reducing absenteeism will improve your productivity, let alone the long-term effect of reducing health care costs.

Sleep disorders are the #1 issue that effect productivity

Sleep is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, which is why we reward sleep and encourage our members to actively track their sleep to identify sleep patterns that may put them at risk for Sleep Apnea, etc.

Changing Behavior Step by Step

We didn’t’ just make this stuff up. KrowdFit’s “patent pending” wellness rewards program and behavior modification methodology is based on proven science by JAMA and the Mayo Clinic along with decades of experience in behavior modification, worksite wellness, incentive program design, nutrition and obesity management.

Four proven tips to drive long-term, sustained behavior change and how to use them:

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Fit Employees = Fat Bottom Line.

If you're looking for a powerful corporate wellness solution that pays for itself, KrowdFit can move the needle!  Use our Wellness Calculator to learn more.

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No Budget - No Problem

Contact the KREW to find out how to deploy KrowdFit as a "budget neutral" employee wellness program. Trust us, it's pretty cool.

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