When you become a KrowdFit KREW member, you are now part of creating a healthy revolution!  Not only are you eligible to win KrowdFit’s wellness rewards, but you have the opportunity to build your own KrowdFit™ business and earn recurring, unlimited monthly commissions ($10,000/mo.+) and cash bonuses (up to $10,000) for sharing KrowdFit with your clients, friends, students, family, citizens, colleagues and others.

Think about it: we already tell the people we know about the things we like—great restaurants, favorite stores, and other experiences we think others will like. If you like KrowdFit and your passionate about living a healthy active lifestyle, we hope you’ll share KrowdFit with the people you know—they’ll thank you for the tip, and we reward you with FREE KrowdFit service, unlimited commissions and bonuses.

Get Fit, Get Social, Get Paid!™

KrowdFit™ is the only wellness rewards program that offers trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, doctors, schools and communities the opportunity to effectively create an additional stream of monthly income by providing them the ability to build a business around sharing their passion for health and fitness with their social network of clients, colleagues, family, friends, students and citizens. 

We do this by paying our KREW Members to spread the word for KrowdFit. We provide a turn-key wellness rewards platform in KrowdFit that includes powerful online dieting, fitness tracking & health education tools tied to state of the art wearable devices and powered by KrowdFit's weekly $1 Million Fitness Sweepstakes, plus cash giveaways up to $5,000 per quarter, per winner!

Earn cash when you share KrowdFit™ with others

For every eligible member you directly sign up for KrowdFit you get $4 per month in wellness credits for as long as they remain KrowdFit members.

KrowdFit is fun, easy, and one of the best ways to help your family, friends, clients and colleagues track their physical activity, earn cash rewards for their efforts to live a healthy, active lifestyle while at the same time providing you an unlimited, monthly recurring income stream.  All you have to do is join the KrowdFit KREW, Get Fit, Get Social and Get Paid!™

At KrowdFit we believe if you reward the effort, the results will follow!

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How You Earn With KrowdFit

As you continue to share, your network continues to grow. For those who want to create a source of additional monthly income, KrowdFit offers a compensation plan that makes it possible to earn up to $10,000+ per month.  Earnings from KrowdFit depends on your efforts.

1.  Earn Wellness Credits:

Get paid $4/month for every active member you enroll.

4.  Coaching Bonus: 

Earn extra cash when your Kaptains build their KREWs .

2.  Fast Start Bonus (FSB):

Up to $1,000 for signing members.

5.  Your KrowdFit Membership can be FREE

Your Wellness Credits can pay your KrowdFit membership.

3.  Fast Action Bonus (FAB): 

Up to $10,000 for hitting enrollment goals.

    KrowdFit Wellness Credit Comp Plan.

KrowdFit Porsche/Audi Club

KrowdFit offers the coolest, most realistic and most attainable auto incentive program in the industry.  KREW Kaptains that reach the rank of FitProfessional, can become part of the Porsche/Audi Club, a bonus program that will cover the cost (up to $1,000/mo) of a 2009 or newer Porsche or Audi (Black, White or Metalic Grey).  Be the next KREW Member to qualify for your own Porsche or Audi from KrowdFit!


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KrowdFit Bike, Hike or Beach Sales Contest

The KrowdFit Bike, Hike or Beach Sales Contest is an incentive reward offered to KrowdFit KREW Members who achieve and maintain the position of FitPartner or above in the KrowdFit Incentives Plan. KREW Members, who qualify for this program, can choose from one of three prizes each valued at $6,000.00. 

Prize Option #1:  TREK Project One Custom Bicycle

Prize Option #2:  Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and   Switzerland

Prize Option #3:  Grand Hawaiian Beach Trip

The KrowdFit Bike, Hike or Beach Sales Contest is designed to reward KREW Members for their continued efforts with a superior reward that also serves as a great tool for promoting KrowdFit™.

View details of the Bike, Hike or Sales Conetest

Get Fit, Get Social, Get Paid!

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