We are creating a Healthy Revolution!

KrowdFit™ is a member driven, "Socially Powered. Krowd Funded"™ wellness rewards program that provides you the ability to earn unlimited cash rewards for engaging and sustaining a healthy, active lifestyle. KrowdFit is fun, it's easy, it's social and its one of the best ways to lose weight and earn cash prizes for all your hard work. Everyone's EFFORT is rewarded equally and winners are randomly selected by our "patent pending" wellness rewards program.  There is no limit to how many times you can win, you just can't win the same reward in back to back periods.  So, keep putting forth the EFFORT and keep on winning!

So, if you're already fit then KrowdFit is a bonus for you!  You can join the KROWD and be rewarded for the healthy, active, lifestyle you already live and the cash rewards you win can be used to buy that new race bike, running shoes or who knows what.  If you're just starting a workout routine KrowdFit is here to cheer you on, reward the effort you make to get in shape and help you get over the hump to begin living a healthy, active lifestyle.

It's simple...You Sweat. We Pay!

KrowdFit provides a turn-key platform, powerful online dieting, fitness tracking and health education tools tied to state-of-the-art biometric wearable devices/apps and is powered by KrowdFit's weekly $1 Million Fitness Sweepstakes and weekly, monthly, quarterly cash giveaways up to $5,000 per winner!

With KrowdFit there is no limit to how much you can win.  You can win all of KrowdFit's rewards multiple times, you just can't win the same reward in back to back periods.  So, even after you've achieved your fitness goal you can simply maintain your healthy, active lifestyle and keep on winning cash rewards from KrowdFit!

$1 Million Fitness Sweepstakes

$1 Million Fitness Sweepstakes - Winner gets $25,000/yr. for 40 years or $550,000 cash payment!  Drawings occur every Monday | Wednesday | Friday.  Members receive (3) entries/day (21/week) for: Logging In, Syncing Device & Logging Meal.

Why join the KROWD

  • Simple, Powerful & Proven Wellness Program
  • Rewards effort - leveling playing field for all members
  • Supports State-Of-The-Art Wearable Technology
  • Insightful Reporting & Tools
  • Meaningful Cash Rewards

What KrowdFit Members Say:

You Sweat... We Pay!™

Ok, Let's do this!