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Right on, you’re already living a healthy active lifestyle!  Don’t you think it’s about time you got rewarded for all the hard work and healthy choices you make every day?  We do, that’s why we built KrowdFit!  Just think a $5,000 quarterly win could mean a new road bike or mountain bike a monthly win could mean new pair of running shoes, etc…  It’s like found money for doing stuff you already love to do…work out!

Couch Potato

We feel you, we’ve all been there at one point or another.  The hardest thing to do sometimes is simply to “start” a new routine, but once you get going it becomes easier and easier to make it happen!  This is why we’ve built KrowdFit to reward the effort you make to get off the couch, get some activity, get some steps, track your sleep and watch the food you eat.  Over time, you will become a much healthier, happier and productive person and you’ll win some cash along the way too!


Become a body in motion!

There is no such thing as one perfect workout and next to the food we put in our mouths, there's simply no better prescription for youthfulness inside and out, than regular physical activity.  Our goal at KrowdFit is to reward you for the effot you make to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  We don't care what you do to stay fit, we just want you to keep on doing it and along the way win some cash!  So get moving!

  • After sedentary men and women turn 40 yrs old, they begin to lose on average 5%-10% of their muscle mass every decade.
  • People who sit for a high proportion of the day have a 24% greater risk of developing colon cancer, a 32% higher risk of endometrial cancer regardless of how much they exercised.


Daily rigorous physical activity not only helps strengthen bones and the heart but also teachs balance, critical in preventing falls that are a leading cause of death as we age.  The ability to exercise remains the single most powerful predictor of longevity.  If you can't walk a quarter mile in five minutes, your chance of dying within three years is 30% greater than that of faster walkers.  Humans are designed to be physically active thorughout their lives, so shoot for at least three 30 minute workouts weekly and break a sweat.  Add a half hour per week of weight lifting and another half hour of stretching and finally, sleep more than seven hours a day.  Sleep increases your levels of growth hormone, a critical vitality booster.

You Sweat... We Pay!™

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