A healthy workforce is a productive workforce

KrowdFit, a SOC 2 Type II service provider offers a proven, HIPAA compliant, cash-back corporate wellness rewards program that engages the whole company.

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It all comes down to people. If a company shows love to its people, they will run through walls for you. KrowdFit is a low cost, high impact, employee benefit that any company can leverage to reward the effort its employees make with healthy lifestyle choices!

Why KrowdFit?

KrowdFit has created a very inclusive corporate wellness program where everyone’s effort is counted equally, and everyone can win! Our members have been awarded millions of dollars in KrowdFit sponsored cash-back rewards.

Create a habit

Through the use of Operant Conditioning, we reinforce and reward small, achievable goals that lead to long-term behavioral change.

Develop daily routine

We encourage and reward daily activities, such as sleep, steps, food logging, mindfulness, and physical activity.

Make it fun & social

64% of participants in a corporate wellness program push themselves harder if they work out with others.

Offer rewards

We reward our members “Winners Effect” with cash rewards every Monday up to $5,000/ea. and let them decide how to spend it, donate it or save it.

KrowdFit provides employers a turnkey HIPAA compliant corporate wellness program that is simple, fun, and easy to manage where everyone can participate and win! Use the Wellness Calculator below to see your ROI by industry.

See what KrowdFit can do for you

Wellness Calculator
Sweepstakes style incentives led to 52.6% of the control group losing 13.1 lbs. over 16 weeks, far better than any other incentive structure.*
KrowdFit has driven a 72% sustained engagement rate for 100% of our active members over the past 4+ years.
KrowdFit funds its own unlimited cash rewards pool. (No need for employer to fund rewards)
*JAMA – Journal of American Medicine Financial Incentive–Based Approaches for Weight Loss December 2008; 300(22):2631-2637
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BringIt® Challenges

Our BringIt challenge platform supports our KREW Kaptains in creating employer sponsored self-improvement challenges for their KREW. Premium KREWs enjoy unlimited BringIt challenges. All tax reporting and reward fulfillment are included and handled by KrowdFit. Game On!™

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KrowdFit is simple, fun, easy, and inclusive. Start your team on a healthy path and join the KROWD Today!