Krowdfit Privacy Policy

Last updated June 2022

We take your privacy very seriously. That’s why we continuously update our information systems to keep your data safe. Our privacy policy is based on some very simple principles:

  1. We will not sell your information.
  2. We will not disclose your information to anyone without your permission, except when needed by a KrowdFit partner to provide services for you.
  3. Our partners also follow our privacy principles, federal, and international law.
  4. We use only as much information as needed to create personalized programs that will help you improve your health and pay you your rewards.
  5. Your personalized programs and information are available to you through a secure, password-protected website.
  6. We use daily aggregate data from your tracking apps and devices for participation in KrowdFit promotions.
  7. We do not store detailed data from your tracking apps and devices as we establish a daily aggregate total.

For our members who are sponsored by their employer:

  1. Your employer will only have access to blind, anonymized company performance data and will never be able to view your personal fitness and dietary information.
  2. Unless they are legally entitled, your employer will never have access to any individual personal health information that you provide to us.

Need to know more? Feel free to read what our expensive lawyers have written legal statement.