KrowdFit has paid out Millions in cash rewards!

Our members love getting paid... in cash!

We’ve been rewarding our members for living healthy active lifestyles for over five years.
Not only has it been an awesome way to help people make smart, healthy choices, it’s also a great way to have a positive financial impact on their lives!

It's Not About Perfection, It's About Effort.
It's Simple!
1. Connect 
  • Wearable device, Smart Phone, Fitness & Mindfulness Apps
2. Live
  • Eat, Sleep, Walk, Run, Meditate
3. Win
  • Random cash reward drawings occur every Monday!
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Cash Drawings
Monthly for tracking sleep
Weekly for logging meals
Quarterly for tracking steps 
Bi-weekly for being mindful
Quarterly for being active
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You're already eating, walking and sleeping. Why not win some cash, too?

KrowdFit works with the fitness apps and trackers you're already using! We just want to keep the motivation going with an added chance to win cash awards for maintaining your healthy lifestyle. 

BringIT® Challenges
Game On!®


KrowdFit’s skill based, self-improvement wellness challenge platform, BringIt, allows our members to challenge friends and family to live healthy. Place a fit bet and compete for a winner-takes-all or a share of the cash prize! 

We are KrowdFit!

The KrowdFit leadership team is dedicated to a new vision of incentivizing wellness. We believe in rewarding our members with meaningful, unlimited, cash rewards for consistently engaging in living a healthy, active lifestyle.


Our Mission: Encourage, recognize and reward healthy, active lifestyles knowing if members consistently put forth the effort, the results will follow.